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the jester of the aethyrs
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the axle and the wheel (2011)

1 the final flaw (5:13)
2 the royal blue logos christ, blinding (5:14)
3 pick a card, you are the card (6:03)
4 the axle and the wheel (3:34)
5 magic and resonance (4:09)
6 if I was who I was (2:30)
7 as I learn, I die (5:59)
8 staggering steps in a hole (3:40)
9 summon up the blood (5:49)
10 lie down and sleep (4:22)
11 whispers to nebulous (14:11)
12 the work of the sword (3:28)

Download full album (320k MP3, 140 mb, 64:12)

Bend enough, twist enough, and a sundering occurs; even the strongest steel becomes like putty stretched beyond an elastic point.

Such is creation, a slowly mangling force exerting control over the darkest things in the arsenal of God.

A return to childish things is sometimes as simple as it can be.

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