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Many new albums available; yes, I've been busy.

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beyond the broken and the shells (2011)

1 always been at war with... (4:47)
2 We waited (4:22)
3 against a nervous center (5:28)
4 an endless series of hobgoblins (3:30)
5 trapped in the lotion grotto (3:22)
6 in imperfect convergence (3:38)
7 beyond the broken and the shells (5:32)
8 five parsecs from rubble (4:39)
9 in these are mysteries (3:01)
10 on the verge of sleep (2:27)
11 it sings itself free (4:16)
13 not happy, not houses (5:50)
12 the color of the lighthouse (5:08)
14 satin skies in bloom (5:06)
15 bugs with standing (6:32)
16 drowning upright (3:43)
17 permanence in a wicked world (8:12)

Download full album (320k MP3, 173 mb, 79:24).

The music monkey has picked up full steam; I am now waking up with entire songs and titles and arrangements in my head.

I miss a few people that I used to play with as well; a few songs here are what I'd be doing with them in a perfect world if one existed.

And when that perfect world has emerged, my work here is done.

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