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death in the halls of the dying (2010)

one. death in the halls of the dying (3:03)
two. it is yours now, the angel said (2:52)
three. don't even think about the strings attached (2:09)
four. the child of their love is that other darkness (6:14)
five. depth strikes the salient way (3:43)
six. back to the retribution room (3:52)
seven. mend a tear in the damned (4:20)
eight. up a fifth of stairs and their stars (4:04)
nine. welcome, ghosts of the machine room (4:43)
ten. gone to serve the duke of (4:00

Download full album (320k MP3, 88 mb) or streaming 128k

First full album since 2006's "an ersatz rebellion", featuring louder, meaner production and more imaginary soundtracks for a movie that will never be filmed. Recorded live to drive, no overdubs or fixing of previous tracks- if it worked, it worked, if not, the entire song hit the trash.

No synthesizers, just guitar, bass, and a pile of vintage effects covering the transition from analog to digital. Ah, the inappropriate things those units let you do - switching distortion type across individual circuits with an expression pedal to unpredictible results, trying to track multi-tap pitch shifting that couldn't track a whole note at 10 bpm and making them self-oscilate, and more.

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