now available: a dozen new albums in 2011. god help me, I don't even know where to begin

cover montage

(remastered, repacked, and optimized for modern systems, 2011. All are high-quality 320k MP3s)

alchemy of memory (1999) serpent at the end of the rainbow (1999) 33 1/3 (2000)
black sun skyline (2000) three fires from the furnace (2000) castaways and janglethorpe (2001)
to enter atlas, fly (2001) downward looking in (2002) the wine and fury of his wrath (2003)
soundtrack for lost causes (2003) crabgrass and pentagon smiling (2004) now that i am coyote atonal (2005)
an ersatz rebellion (2006) death in the halls of the dying (2010) installation of the angle (2011)
the jester of the aethyrs (2011) overtones and insinuations (2011) an elefant man (2011)
a brief history of monsters (2011) bitter harvest: live from the flat lands, vol 1 (1993-1996) black bag therapy: live fom the flat lands, vol. 2 (1994-1996)
evoking the night: live from the flat lands, vol. 3 (1997) glue will not be sold to children: live from the flat lands, vol. 4 (1997) beyond the broken and the shells (2011)
masters and madness, esquire (2011) maligned transmissions (2011) likely to be eaten by a grue (2011)
the axle and the wheel (2011) how to acquire the art of flying (2011) orbits within orbits (2011)
  the complicated attributes of the visible universe (2011)  

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