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the jester of the aethyrs
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jester of the aethhyrs

an elefant man (2011)

1 aesthetics and failure (5:27)
2 dropout, wipeout, release (3:57)
3 baseline for minimum mean (5:03)
4 hell. breakfast. coming. (5:55)
5 a slog artifact (4:31)
6 is not free (4:39)
7 duck and cover and concealment (3:55)
8 an elefant man (3:50)
9 a return to photo matte days (8:10)
10 of the substance of the light (4:26)
11 mother's favorite mangler (5:41)
12 no emergencies in the cloud (4:58)

Download full album (320k MP3, 157 mb, 60:12)

Illness returns and flows; a constant. I have become a lumbering, crippled shadow physically of what I was. This is not pleasant material from a pleasant place; I have become not death, destroyer of worlds, but the Elefant tank, lumbering, easily knocked out, but packing a punch if you are foolish to enough to leave it be.

There is a beast with a trunk I barely recognize that has taken over my legs, and it will not let go.

This album is dedicated to shoes, ironically, how I miss you after years of hating them.

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