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the jester of the aethyrs
| overtones and insinuations | an elefant man | a brief history of monsters | beyond the broken and the shells | masters and madness, esquire | maligned transmissions | likely to be eaten by a grue | the axle and the wheel | how to acquire the art of flying | orbits within orbits | the complicated attributes of the visible universe

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jester of the aethhyrs

a brief history of monsters (2011)

1. must be this tall to ride (7:44)
2. we're not going to "the rectum" (4:24)
3. last time slumming (3:14)
4. angry is as angry is angry (2:45)
5. a Brocken head (5:31)
6. damnation on my tongue (2:29)
7. redcoats and bit-crushing lime (4:19)
8. two years dead and I'm sorry (2:49)
9. a brief history of monsters (3:12)
10. let down your golden hair (3:57)
11. sandwich of disgust (3:44)
12. enter the mysterious strangler (4:36)

Download full album (320k MP3, 111 mb, 48:44)

You don't know how much you miss sleep until you're running on an hour or so of passout time every few hours when that damn stone just won't leave. But the dreams and the music are constant companions during that, even if it is not pleasant or friendly.

Bid welcome to the monsters that inhabit the realm beyond sleep.

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