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Many new albums available; yes, I've been busy.

the jester of the aethyrs
| overtones and insinuations | an elefant man | a brief history of monsters | beyond the broken and the shells | masters and madness, esquire | maligned transmissions | likely to be eaten by a grue | the axle and the wheel | how to acquire the art of flying | orbits within orbits | the complicated attributes of the visible universe

Newest non-album material can be found at freejazzfromhell.com .

Available @amazon.com , iTunes , or direct no-charge download

Phil Spector taught me everything I ever needed to know about motivational mixing.

About the Artist

Since 1991, I have been abusing stringed instruments, mixing boards, and whatever else comes to hand wherever and whenever the mood stirkes. From solo shows to the Devil Bell Hippies to pretending to be whatever band we decided minutes before going live on friendly noise-happy college radio stations, I'll try anything once, unless it's the naked trio of gay men pounding on trash cans masquerading as our percission section.

An early adopter of practical home recording, I've largely abandoned live performance in favor of crafting material at leisure, and focused instead on making, in the words of one listener, "soundtracks for movies that haven't been made yet."

My entire recorded catalog is available free of charge for personal download. You can buy @amazon.com , @iTunes if you have more money than sense- I won't turn it down. That said, I've never been in this for the money, but I expect you to do the same; if you want to use my material in a video, compilation, or whatever, ask. We can work something out.

I am generally unavailable for live performance, even if within a short distance of my residence in Idaho - extremely poor health means moving equipment en masse and setting up are a thing of the past except under very extenuating or interesting circumstances.

Since my beginnings with a beat up old Tascam 4 track, an Echoplex with a broken erase head, and a borrowed metal shredder guitar, the basics haven't changed: I like wierd noises put together in ways that sound right to me.

Maybe they'll sound right to you.

Maybe they won't.

Either way, it's how it is.

After twenty-some solo albums, hundreds of hours of live footage, side projects, one-offs, an arrest or two, god knows how many radio shows, and oddities from coast to coast, there's always something new out there.

And as usual, I'll find it either a decade too early or too late.

- R, Aug. 2011

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