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the jester of the aethyrs
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installation of the angle (2011)

I. installation of the angle (4:45)
II. dancing in midnight (3:01)
III. ...dreaming of gnostic assassins again (5:00)
IV. ignition point (3:06)
V. she is weeping, weeping / the mother of the stars (5:04)
VI. smiling distance (3:28)
VII. the birth of death, the birth of hell (3:48)
VIII. chaos and affliction (5:13)
IX. jerusalem and the nuclear cross (2:54)
X. iscariot races (3:17)
XI. a flame in a great wind (4:56)
XII. one year completes its orbit (4:12)
XIII. ion in the pit (2:18)
XIV. in the garden, the grotto (3:39)
XV. station: we must repeat (3:11)
XVI. the lightbringer in morning (3:26)
XVII. a complete image, in true proportion (4:15)

Download full album (320k MP3, 144 mb, 65:33) or streaming 128k

Followup to 2010's "death in the halls of the dying", featuring more odd sountracks to a film that I'll never make. Distorted feedback, mean echo, and vintage rackmount ugly drive the angle home. Recorded as live as possible, one track at a time, no overdubs or product fixes - if the track worked, it stayed, if it didn't, the whole thing hit the trash. Headphones recommended.

No synthesizers, just guitar, bass, and a pile of vintage effects covering the transition from analog to digital. Ah, the inappropriate things those units let you do - switching distortion type across individual circuits with an expression pedal to unpredictible results, trying to track multi-tap pitch shifting that couldn't track a whole note at 10 bpm and making them self-oscilate, and more. Now iwth more stereo harmonizer.

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