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the jester of the aethyrs
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jester of the aethhyrs

the jester of the aethyrs (2011)

1. by printing in the infernal method (3:49)
2. fall back from me (3:51)
3. the thunderbird is coming (3:08)
4. smashing death in the face (4:19)
5. kings in scarlet (lost their way) (4:42)
6. the best idiot savant puppeteer in history (4:29)
7. a little of what's going on (0:41)
8. do not tempt me with salvation (2:32)
9. never have compassion on the children of the earth (5:22)
10. the aires, they dance the black (4:05)
11. the square in the spheres is ... (2:11)
12. an immense world of delight (3:22)

Download full album (320k MP3, 98 mb, 42:31)

Followup to 2011's "installation of the angle", inspired by fever dreams and the difficulty of actually moving beyond fixing to die.

A glimpse into the Work beyond the music, of the visions that are part of the dream cycle between God and the man. It has never been harder to interpret every phenomenon as a dealing of God with my soul, but such as it is, there is still darkness, and light, and movement.

Crowley, Blake, and Christ walk into a bar...

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