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the jester of the aethyrs
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maligned transmissions (2011)

1 welcome home, he, mother of harlots (3:38)
2 a duet for creation (5:41)
3 on a field of future, baffled (5:07)
4 once and future is hermetic letterman (6:18)
5 behold! an august arcanum (4:38)
6 "civil defense!", the jester cries (3:14)
7 the day of your wrath (8:15)
8 mother, queen of death at rapture (3:43)
9 forgiveness and the father (3:42)

Download full album (320k MP3, 96 mb, 44:16)

The morning after civil defense warnings gone bad, in which everything can be gone in a flash, is no surprise to children of the nuclear age.

This is post-nuclear mysticism, a religious response to teetering on the brink of it all. I am the wave over Trinity; the shortwave squeal interrupted by the cough of Oppenheimer.

The holy writings of God for this generation may well be written in permanently-etched shadow from a momentary flicker of magnificence in the sky.

Until then, my God, how I shall love Thee.

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