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the jester of the aethyrs
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masters and madness, esquire (2011)

1 light married with light (3:25)
2 buy one:get one (5:02)
3 wake up, mister mulligan (4:36)
4 beginnings, ends, and the four by six cell (4:48)
5 impermanence is (5:16)
6 words. words. words go here. (3:38)
7 jealousy with a halo (3:17)
8 one year mother, one year father (2:38)
9 a half normal configuration (4:06)
10 metal, montana (2:42)
11 masters and madness, esquire (5:44)

Download full album (320k MP3, 99 mb, 45:12)

It is difficult to come to terms with a mortality that is beyond imperfect, one that traps the mind in a shell that is falling apart.

There are no attorneys to guide, to comfort, to avenge for the wrongs that have been inflicted. It just is.

You scream against the night or you die.

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