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the jester of the aethyrs
| overtones and insinuations | an elefant man | a brief history of monsters | beyond the broken and the shells | masters and madness, esquire | maligned transmissions | likely to be eaten by a grue | the axle and the wheel | how to acquire the art of flying | orbits within orbits | the complicated attributes of the visible universe

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jester of the aethhyrs

overtones and insinuations (2011)

1 musicbox jangle, ebb and flow (5:30)
2 return to mechanical zero (7:55)
3 boundless and bondsmen (3:37)
4 the heats, they are seated (4:19)
5 antacid answers, only in complete sentences (4:45)
6 enjoyment smile, disindicated (2:34)
7 the science of mid-morning genocide (7:19)
8 even unto the borders of the universe (2:37)
9 mean mister metal (3:26)
10 i am ready to pretend (4:46)
11 overtones and insinuations (3:52)
12 explosives and exhibitionism (theme from chase scene 21) (2:37)
13 something (that is not here) (2:27)
14 revenue seeking vampires (with telephonic sincerity) (3:43)
15 scrambled mother is morning time (3:21)
16 smear 451 (4:51)
17 a stumbling, demented child-king (3:03)

Download full album (320k MP3, 162 mb, 70:42)

Part of the four album winter 2011 cycle, this is what happens when the pain subsides for a bit, leaving little to do but Work. I am not sure which is worse, being too ill to actually go play this material or being ill enough to have the time to record songs in between passing out for an hour at a time.

This is in many respects a return to form; I miss the people and the places and things, but let this be a testimony from a several hundred square foot cell that there are sinister and beautiful things even in the smallest shadows.

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