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the jester of the aethyrs
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Phil Spector taught me everything I ever needed to know about motivational mixing.

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Experimental music doesn't have to be unapproachable to a conventional (or even unconventional) listener. This idea sums up in part much of the background philosophy to performance and recording for Robert Furtkamp. Instead of evangelizing to the converted masses of the noise and alternative music scene, the music strives to both push boundaries and remain approachable, focusing on the total experience rather than just on one aspect or attempting to shock the audience.

A live staple of the Chicago no-wave music scene in the early to mid 1990s now residing in scenic Idaho, Robert Furtkamp is an experimental, avante-garde improvisational musician focusing on the creation of ambient soundscapes and compositions which echo the diverse noise inherent in modern life. A top-ranked Alternative/Post Rock artist and early Internet music adopter, Robert Furtkamp was a regular on the mp3.com charts with numerous Top 20 hits both on the national and Idaho charts. With songs including the smash #1, "artemis in lime" that dominated the chart in summer 2000, Robert Furtkamp has been featured in print and online publications as well as featured in live radio broadcasts and interviews.

Using a wide range of electric guitars, basses, and sound generators, Robert Furtkamp creates living, breathing artifacts which speak directly to the human psyche. Whether it's using conventional song structure and music theory, or stepping totally outside of the norm, Robert Furtkamp does what's necessary for the song, live or in the studio. Studio guests or live accompanists are partners in the creative process, rather than subordinates, assisting and leading the process through which the vision of any particular piece can be approached.

Instead of relying on complex automated procedures to produce his music, Robert Furtkamp chooses to use instruments, effects, and amplification which highlight the organic, human nature of the music, even amidst mechanical repetition and chaos. The music is more alive, responsive, and full of emotional depth than it would be using automatic synthesizers or other devices, allowing for a specially human connection even when exploring the most alien of ideas

This is living proof that anyone with twenty minutes and a keyboard can make themselves sound amazing. Don't you agree?

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